Gift-app is a prototype rewards and incentives platform, developed in conjunction with M&S for business.

Gift/App is the easy way to send gifts and rewards to staff, customers and individuals. Set a budget, curate a range of gifts for users to choose from, and send their secure gift-code all from within the app. Whether you want to send to one person or thousands, Gift/App makes it quick, simple and reliable. Gift app is suitable for ‘thank you’, reward or apology use and is a valuable customer retention or incentive tool.

“Gift/App lightens the load when it comes to gifting; we just log-in, order and we know that accounting, fulfilment and everything else is taken care of.”

The app is flexible and robust, allowing users to curate and send a fully branded range of gifts to clients, subject to customisable criteria.

Definitively yours – Gift/App is fully brandable, every step of the way. 
From the email customers or colleagues receive to the gift selection website, even through to the packaging gifts arrive in, every element can carry your brand. There is no better way to re-inforce the association of your brand with the gift you’re giving. However, if you would prefer a discreet service for any reason; this is perfectly possible too.

Accessible anywhere
Gift/App is accessible anywhere, at your desk or on the move. Take care of your gifting whenever and wherever you want, safe in the knowledge that your customers or colleagues can do the same.

Management and accounting information at your finger tips
Gift/App takes care of all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to accounting and management information. Powerful reporting and rulesets allow you to ensure you’re in complete control of your gift expenditure and tax commitments at all times.

Robust security
Our state of the art data-security and intrusion detection systems ensure your data security is maintained to PCI DSS compatible standards.

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