Internet Of Things: Vital – Space Finder

Based on an investment of more than 4 million Euro from all partners (with the European Commission contributing more than 2.5 Million Euro), the VITAL project represents a major effort to jumpstart the cost efficient development, deployment and operation of next generation Smart City applications.

The application example for this is a booking system for smart working, i.e. an application that will support mobile workers and sustainable working in a smart city. Mobile workers require suitable (short term) working environments / business centres (including a working desk, printers, etc). Owners of offices (both public and private) may have unused space and desks in their offices that they can rent to mobile workers for a short time. The system will enable publication of live data about available spaces and any other factors that may be pertinent in the selection of a space. The demonstration shows the current development of the venue admin interface of a bespoke application powered by VITAL and integrated with other third party applications such as CityMapper and NearDesk to provide a seamless end to end user experience.

Adapt are currently developing this project in conjunction with Images&Co, London.

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